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The Vinyl Draught Social Club was designed for Ladies of Sophistication and Gentlemen of Class. A special place to enjoy fine, hand rolled Cigars, top-shelf Whiskeys and Prime Steaks. 

Located above the historic Kemah Steak Company, we offer our Members a quiet escape and a place to relax. All while enjoying the finest, hand-rolled Cigars, from one of our 5 humidors.

Timeless music sets the tone for our guests to feel like they are revisiting a forgotten era. 

Members enjoy a 10% discount on Cigars and invitations to exclusive, Members Only events.

We invite you to be a part of something special and unique. 


The Kemah Steak Company set the standard for a high-end Steakhouse in the Kemah and Clear Lake area, for many years.
The Kemah Steak Company closed in 2018. When the Vinyl Draught Social Club opened, people kept asking if the Steakhouse was coming back. Eventually, it was clear that people missed the Kemah Steak Company. 

Bring it back was no small feat, but we were focused and committed. The quality Prime Steaks, The Kemah Steak Company salad dressing and the famous Truffle Mac & Cheese are all back.
Stop in and relive your fondest memories or make new ones.

Membership Information

For information on becoming a Member of the Vinyl Draught Social Club, drop by at any time during business hours and request a tour.

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